Management of commercial property is carried out according to contract under which our company bears responsibility for renting out, control and receipt of rentals, solution of all questions on property operation, and its maintenance by qualified staff.

During lease term, our representative makes regular check-ups of the leased premises, controls flow of rent, regular cleaning or organizing (if necessary) general cleaning, resolve all issues related to property maintenance (small repairs, paying bills, renewal or suspension of contracts for telephone, television and Internet services).

We are also ready to:

  • Renovate, re-plane and/or re-equip the premises (including obtaining the necessary approvals);
  • Install and survey meters for water, heat and other utilities;
  • Coordinate provision of additional electrical or heating power;
  • Transfer agreements with utility services providers to the client (from "sub-consumer" to "subscriber" status).

The client always receives explicit (detailed and clear) reports of cash flows and is being provided with full legal and technical support.