Valuation of real estate rents is necessary for both lessors and lessees. This service will helpful for lessor to determine the most advantageous rate for the object in the lease, and the lessee will obtain an objective understanding of the price of using the selected property. The results of valuation of rent / rates can be used to obtain additional financing in bank, transfer of lease rights, administrative and managerial decision-making, and to attract investments.

Russian legislation requires mandatory valuation of cost of rent by an independent appraiser for leasing or temporary transfer of rights to use state property.

All valuation reports of valuation of cost of state property are required to undergo examination by the authorized executive authority.

Process of Valuation of Cost of Rent:

  • Consultation of a qualified appraiser;
  • Study of existing customer’s documents;
  • Definition of purpose of valuation and kind of defined value;
  • Receipt and study of data and documents containing information about significant factors that affect the value of the valuated property;
  • Site visit for gathering require information (including photo fixation);
  • Determination of possible approaches and methods of valuation;
  • Calculation of project cost estimates in accordance with the selected approaches and methods;
  • Composing of report in accordance with the applicable legislation;
  • Obtaining positive opinion/conclusion from the Territorial Federal Property Management Agency in St. Petersburg, or Saint Petersburg City Property Management Committee (if necessary).

Terms: from 3 to 10 working days depending on the complexity.

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